…. just a way to start a blog on the first day of the year…..


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  1. Dear nipesh palat , replying to this after two years …!!! anyways just sharing what i felt reading it the first time ….i just wished the narrative wasn’t all this formal and serious ….and so structured….i rather prefer your one the face …discussions ..striping it off its jargons …some times silly but explosive … that would have been more personalized and interesting …lighter version of blog writing .. … but if it were the more serious writing critical you were looking at i wish the planning of Chandigarh was presented and analyzed within the context and time frame (the period it was done in) and the constraints (political,academic,technological.., …) it will be quite harsh to judge it from our time line…when the discipline and techniques has become more broader (one we should admit has come as much from the failures as much as from the victories of the past ).any criticism without taking into account the constraints and the context of practice i am afraid to say may sound a bit obsolete… its a few days later that i stumbled upon an article which indicated a strong influence of the Indian bureaucrats in the planning process… i sometime think that maybe cor busier himself had started the need to move further than his modernist ideals ..(sparks of which maybe in his sketches or murals)..maybe if he had a reasonable time to understand and acclimatize with india (i am not sure as to how much opportunities he had )..maybe he would have done better …

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