Cricket or Golf?

HT report on 27th January 2012

Am not a big fan of cricket, but I guess it is quite evident on how widespread the game is. Kids play in small alleys when they don’t have space and still why do DDA wants to build a golf course? that too stating that it will reach the common man?…. the common man needs place to play cricket …… go anywhere from the beck alley of slums to neighborhood parks to even India gate, one can easily see people playing cricket.

This is what happens when the city is designed siting in an AC room without consulting or even studying the stake holders!!…. We are too overwhelmed by what development is?? Many planners think that if people have cars, can play golf and speak english then its development!!!!

All the more, Delhi’s native landscape doesn’t permit grass lawns, so it will require excessive active measures to sustain. Why are we still carrying the British postcard image of green lawns as something that the city should take? Delhi has its own climatic/landscape features, the day we start respecting and accepting it, may be we will have a better city…… until then lets keep cribbing……


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