Comfortably Slum!

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Nipesh P Narayanan, architect and urban designer with mHS argues that it is the poor conditions of slums that make them affordable. To find solutions for housing the urban poor, we need to stop seeing land as a commodity and view it as a resource for the betterment of citizens, he argues.

More than half the population in Delhi (and in all the metro cities) lives in settlements that are comfortably termed as slums. The majority of the population are categorized in this manner with such negative connotation that the only viable option perceivable is a philanthropic approach of pumping in public money to improve their condition. Already (as of Dec 2011) almost 30,000 Crore rupees (INR 300,000 Million) has been spent for ‘Basic Services to Urban Poor’ under JNNURM and the preparatory phase of Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) itself has spent almost 30 Crores (INR 300 Million) for 38…

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