Slippery pasts in Indian politics!

Future is something that no one has ever seen and hence can only be picturised, but the picturisation of this future is greatly dependent on the past. The past is almost always glamorized, and hence the future is picturised as an idealized appropriation of the glamorized past. Ideologies driving Indian politics have also been derived from the glamorized Indian past of the ‘super power’ or the ‘tolerant one’. These reflections of the past that have been modulated and projected as attachments to different ideologies govern the Indian politics today.

The debate over the secular identities of a political party when the nation is a diverse mix of religion or the popularity of an actor being utilized, are all ways to manipulate the collective identity and profiting from the collective memory. Whether  it’s the sudden demand of a community to be listed as backward, or the first snaps of the president being rotating around the gender issue are all to project ideologies which the masses are meant to revere as a path to the future they dream of.

Such future dreams are sometimes abstractly related to the glorious past that is there in the collective memory, but sometimes these future dreams become so abstract that they need a visual intend to be perceived as achievable. This visual intend is in general derived from the more economically developed nations, and as these images are strong enough it cuts itself from the collective memory of the glorious past. This visual intend is resulting in what we are seeing as metro rail development, in smaller cities even if its not needed.

One such example is the American image of freeways and flyovers all over the city. Such a situation is not beneficial to anyone. Both the private transport users or the majorities that uses public transport or pedestrians are at lost. But everyone supports them because the public future is rooted in the image that has altered the collective memories into an intent image from the west.

DDA website proudly showcasing, building flyover as one of their main tasks (


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