The Author

Wellll……. the author of this blog is Nipesh. As of now Nipesh is referred to as an Architect- & Urban Designer, and occasionally called nippo by friends. As far as Nipesh is concerned, being an architect, he is still confused about the role of architecture, or any such higher manifestations of the human psyche, in the society……the basic reason being he is still not able to figure out what the hell is a “society”. Terms which he better understands, come under the category of the “F” word, which he spells as ‘Foood’. Well this “F” Word, with 3 little o’s  is his first love.

His childhood ambition was to earn his living by day dreaming. But due to the great depression of 30’s and the not so great depression of  ’08, no one has ever agreed to pay him for that. Now due to his little corporate exposure through his friends, he is planning to launch a company  to commercialize ‘day dreaming’…….

The basic reason to start off with this blog is his unsatisfied deep within. ‘Deep Within’ there lays a Someone, who wants to explore things …… deep within there lays a Someone, who thinks that the ‘world can be and need to be made better’ is complete bull shit……. And deep within there is Someone, who has an even deeper feeling that this blog can be utilized to link those someones lying deep within…… sleeping, jumping or dead……

Though Nipesh know that he is expecting too much from the blog, but he is trying to be a professional day dreamer, so it doesn’t matter. But he will be greatly pleased if you keep visiting his blog, leave comments and follow the blog or even mail him at   …..seems a boring job???? Doesn’t matter, don’t you remember what Karl Marx said….”it’s good to get bored sometimes”….. I think even Corbusier said it once…. 😀